As - 2011-12-29


Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2012-01-12 10:43:00 LNBTUB - Lower Newport Bay at TUB 0.7 0.902 -0.761
2012-01-12 09:45:00 LNBHIR - Lower Newport Bay at Harbor Island Reach 0.8 0.876 -0.305
2012-01-12 08:53:00 UNBCHB - Upper Newport Bay at Coast Highway 0.9 0.912 -0.042
2012-01-11 11:07:00 UNBJAM - Upper Newport Bay - Unit I Basin 0.64 0.861 -0.695
2012-01-11 10:16:00 UNBSDC - Upper Newport Bay - Unit II Basin 0.75 0.934 -0.59
2012-01-11 09:20:00 UNBNSB - Upper Newport Bay at Northstar Beach 0.85 0.921 -0.245

Mass Emissions

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2012-01-09 11:02:00 SDMF05 - San Diego Creek at Campus Drive 3.3 5.072 -0.924
2012-01-09 10:40:00 WYLSED - San Diego Creek at Harvard Avenue 4.7 3.99 0.833
2012-01-09 10:07:00 BARSED - Peters Canyon Wash at Barranca Parkway 8 8.357 -0.256
2012-01-09 09:58:00 CMCG02 - Costa Mesa Channel at Highland 1.7 2.583 -1.016
2012-01-09 09:45:00 CICF25 - Central Irvine Channel at I-5 3.7 4.031 -0.281
2011-12-29 11:11:00 CMCG02 - Costa Mesa Channel at Highland 2.2 2.583 -0.441
2011-12-29 10:36:00 SDMF05 - San Diego Creek at Campus Drive 2.8 5.072 -1.185
2011-12-29 10:05:00 BARSED - Peters Canyon Wash at Barranca Parkway 6.9 8.357 -1.045
2011-12-29 09:45:00 CICF25 - Central Irvine Channel at I-5 3.9 4.031 -0.111

Non Storm Water

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean

Industrial Facilities

Arsenic, Dissolved

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean

Arsenic, Total

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Filter Recycling Services Inc
180 W Monte Ave, Bloomington California 92316
24 0.009 0.01 2011-12-12 0.033 2.397
SDGE Miramar Facility
6875 Consolidated Way, San Diego California 92121
12 0.018 0.024 2011-12-12 0.05 1.347
2011-11-04 0.05 1.347
Jacks Disposal Service Inc
5455 Industrial Pkwy, San Bernardino California 92407
4 0.003 0.003 2011-12-12 0 -0.866
California Cascade Industries Fontana Inc
8395 Sultana Ave, Fontana California 92335
7 0.01 0 2011-11-04 0.01 0
SDGE Kearny Facility
5488 Overland Ave, San Diego California 92123
4 0.05 0 2011-12-12 0.05 0
2011-11-04 0.05 0
Mid Valley Sanitary Landfill
6107 Sierra Ave, Fontana California 92336
11 0 0 2011-11-21 0 0
San Bernardino Cnty Waste Colt
850 Tropicana Ranch Rd, Colton California 92324
8 0 0 2011-12-13 0 0
2011-11-21 0 0
Milliken Sanitary Landfill
2050 S Milliken Ave, Ontario California 91761
4 0 0 2011-12-13 0 0
2011-11-21 0 0

Arsenic, Total Recoverable

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Lamb Canyon Sanitary Landfill
16411 Lamb Canyon Rd, Beaumont California 92223
5 1.804 4.023 2011-12-12 0.003 -0.448
Badlands Sanitary Landfill
31125 Ironwood Avenue, Moreno Valley California 92388
5 0.026 0.037 2011-11-04 0.092 1.782

Recent Violations

Date Facility Description
2012-01-11 Laurel and Noble at Riverglen
NE Corner of Archibald Ave and Schleisman Rd, Corona California 92880
Detention basin had standing water just from nuisance flow. Other basin was not accessible.
2012-01-10 El Camino Real High School
1351 East Orangethorpe Avenue, Placentia California 92870
Lack of perimeter controls along parking lot boundary to site, and south and east areas of site. Construction entrance at the NE corner of parking lot was not stabilized. Portable restrooms did not have containment. No spill kit on site. The SWPPP was not signed by a QSD. SWPPP did not have inspection logs, training logs, site map, discharge location(s). SWPPP did not ID persons responsible for implementing SWPPP or CGP requirements.
2011-12-27 Tibbetts Newport Corp
2337 S Birch St , Santa Ana California 92707
Neglected housekeeping in low-use areas.
2011-12-22 Knox Logistics Center
17610 Harvill Ave., Riverside California 92571
We received your NOT for the subject site and have observed that construction is not complete on parcel APN295310052 (Building B) and the adjacent APN295310047 which appears to have been disturbed during activities at the subject project site. This area does not appear to be stable and there are no BMPS implemented at the site, except for the adjacent detention basin. As such, your NOT will be denied. Please immediately implement temporary BMPs until such time as permanent BMPs have stabilized the site.
2011-12-19 FXI Inc
2060 N Batavia St, Orange California 92865
Neglected housekeeping at north rail spur, demo job site, outlet #4 basin, and trash compactor; abandoned plastic sheeting SE corner; improper spill response at conveyor and bun storage area. Steam water leak at metering house and evidence of steam water leak nearTank 108. Improper decomissioning of foam bit baler. Trash bin broken bottom and no lid. Grey water pooled at break area.
2011-12-19 FXI Inc
2060 N Batavia St, Orange California 92865
Neglected housekeeping related to failure to maintain sweeping equipment in working order. Improper response to chronic leaks of hydraulic fluid. Other chronic leaks caused by inadequate maintenance. Disfunctional pump shelters with missing or displaced components. Unsecured plastic sheeting. Lack of awareness of function of storm drain inlet control valves.
2011-12-19 15th Street and Island Avenue
1400 Island Avenue, San Diego California 92101
Routine compliance inspection, overcast, drizzle, 52 degrees. Excavation phase of construction underway. Tracking of soil offsite observed on Island Ave between 14th & 15th Streets near but a few feet downstream of unprotected storm drain inlet that picks up upstream storm water unrelated to this site. Also tracking at 15th and Island entrance for trucks. There is a Pure Effect GW/SW treatment system at the corner of 14th & J Street. There is a storm water interceptor system/well at 15th and J Street. The interceptor picks up storm water flows from upstream around site (including tracking areas), prior to storm water flows reaching a storm drain inlet. Intercepted water pumped to wet well & trmt system. Nearest storm drain inlet is further downstream from interceptor. Discharger sand bagged the storm drain inlet on Island bet 14th & 15th per inspector's request. Photo documentation submitted.
2011-12-05 CFA El Toro Road Laguna Hills
24011 El Toro Road, Laguna Hills California 92630
Deficient BMP implementation and inadequate SWPPP.
2011-11-30 Ralphs Family Ranch
East of intersection of Ralphs Ranch Road and Alva Road, San Diego California 92127
Rain event during inspection. Structural BMP failures observed. Requested Mr Lisabeth take corrective action immediately on the structural BMPs that failed (resulting in sediment discharges to the storm drain) and those near failing during the storm event. Photos taken. Requested discharger to email photos of all areas once cleanup, and corrective and enhanced structural BMPs are in place. Advised Mr. Lisabeth that discharges of sediment are violations of the terms and conditions of the construction storm water permit (Order No. R9-2009-0009-DWQ) and subject to enforcement action. I sent photos of failed BMPs to Mr. Lisabeth via mail that requested corrective actions.
2011-11-28 Temecula Recycling GKAT Inc
27365 Diaz Rd , Temecula California 92590
a. Violation of Order No. 97-03-DWQ, A. Discharge Prohibitions, 1. Except as allowed in Special Conditions (D.1) of this General Permit, materials other than storm water (non-storm water discharges) that discharge either directly or indirectly to waters of the United States are prohibited. Prohibited non-storm water discharges must be either eliminated or permitted by a separate NPDES permit. b. Violation of Order No. 97-03-DWQ, A. Discharge Prohibitions, 2. Storm Water discharges and authorized non-storm water discharges shall not cause or threaten to cause pollution, contamination, or nuisance.
2011-11-28 KC Propane
26362 Earthmover Circle, Corona California 92883
Site doesn't appear to have adequate erosion and sediment controls in place or able to be put in place should a rain event be predicted.
2011-11-23 Oasis Community Church
23750, Moreno Valley California 92553
BMPs need maintenance. No one was at the site during inspection, however, construction appears to be active.
2011-11-21 Pacific Metals Group LLC
787 S Wanamaker Ave, Ontario California 91761
See attached inspection report for violation details.
2011-11-17 Champion Lumber Co
1600 Columbia Ave, Riverside California 92507
The general poor housekeeping at the site is a violation of Section A.8. of the General Permit. The sample collection locations (points of discharge) have not been depicted on the site map. This is a violation of Section A.4.b. of the General Permit. In addition, not recording your visual observations of the site BMPs and your sampling locations is a violation of Section B.8. and Section B.15.d.v. of the General Permit.