As - 2015-03-11


Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2015-03-12 13:10:00 LNBTUB - Lower Newport Bay at TUB 1 0.902 0.369
2015-03-12 12:25:00 LNBHIR - Lower Newport Bay at Harbor Island Reach 0.99 0.876 0.453
2015-03-12 11:35:00 UNBCHB - Upper Newport Bay at Coast Highway 0.95 0.912 0.137
2015-03-12 10:35:00 UNBNSB - Upper Newport Bay at Northstar Beach 0.89 0.921 -0.107
2015-03-12 09:50:00 UNBSDC - Upper Newport Bay - Unit II Basin 0.86 0.934 -0.238
2015-03-12 09:05:00 UNBJAM - Upper Newport Bay - Unit I Basin 0.94 0.861 0.247
2015-03-12 01:10:00 LNBTUB - Lower Newport Bay at TUB 1 0.902 0.369

Mass Emissions

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2015-03-11 11:30:00 SDMF05 - San Diego Creek at Campus Drive 3.2 5.072 -0.976
2015-03-11 11:00:00 SADF01 - Santa Ana Delhi Channel u/s Irvine Avenue 1.5 1.596 -0.244
2015-03-11 10:45:00 BARSED - Peters Canyon Wash at Barranca Parkway 9.4 8.357 0.747
2015-03-11 10:38:00 WYLSED - San Diego Creek at Harvard Avenue 3.5 3.99 -0.575
2015-03-11 10:16:00 CMCG02 - Costa Mesa Channel at Highland 2.7 2.583 0.135

Non Storm Water

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean

Industrial Facilities

Arsenic, Dissolved

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
West Valley MRF
13373 Napa St, Fontana California 92335
1 0.009 0 2015-02-23 0.009 0
East Valley Recycling Transfer
1150 1250 S Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino California 92408
1 0.005 0 2015-02-23 0.005 0

Arsenic, Total

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Griswold Industries
1701 to 1741 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa California 92627
5 0.01 0.003 2015-03-02 0.009 -0.514
West Valley MRF
13373 Napa St, Fontana California 92335
3 0.016 0.002 2015-02-23 0.016 0.218
East Valley Recycling Transfer
1150 1250 S Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino California 92408
3 0.007 0.004 2015-02-23 0.005 -0.577
RA Nelson MRF Transfer Station
1830 Agua Mansa Rd, Riverside California 92509
6 0.032 0.044 2015-01-30 0.054 0.491
California Cascade Industries Fontana Inc
8395 Sultana Ave, Fontana California 92335
7 0.01 0 2015-01-26 0.01 0

Arsenic, Total Recoverable

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean

Recent Violations

Date Facility Description
2015-03-25 Parkview at Dennery Ranch
Island Breeze Lane and Dennery Road, San Diego California 92154
Several requirements for a Risk Level 2 construction site were not implemented or inadequately implemented in compliance with the CGP. Specific deficiencies noted are: sediment around manhole covers on paved streets, torn and broken wattles, dirt clods on sidewalks, trash on the ground, near vertical cut slope exposure, unsecured/un-staked wattles, inadequate concrete washout, unsecured silt fence, lack of erosion controls on inactive portion of the site, open entrance without a shaker plate, uncovered stockpiles on inactive portion of the site. Sent SEL email 01/27/2016 requiring corrective actions.
2015-03-23 I & R DBA A & A Auto Wrecking
775 Energy Way Ste A, Chula Vista California 91911
Stopped by A&A and the site is still being cleaned up. There is a substantial amount of auto engines, transmission cores, parts, etc outdoors and on the ground at the site. See photos in attached Word document. The Notice of Termination (NOT) will be approved after the site is cleaned up. I cc¿d Victor Shamon on my follow up email to Feras. I spoke to Victor by phone while I was at the site. A man from California Sports Wrecking called Victor for me while I was there. Victor said that he will see that the cleanup is completed. I will call Jesse Vasquez the owner of the site. Notes to SMARTS: records for the site to indicate that the facility is no longer in business/not active and that the site is being cleaned up in preparation for Notice of Termination approval.
2015-03-20 Quarry Creek
Southwest of the intersection of Hwy 78 and College Blvd, Carlsbad California 92056
Observed several areas along the perimeter lacking perimeter controls to prevent run-on to and runoff from the site, completed or inactive pads that lacked any obvious erosion controls to provide effective soil cover, and lack of linear sediment controls on several slopes.
2015-03-02 San Diego Asphalt Recycling
12512 Highway 67, Lakeside California 92040
Inspection of the perimeter of San Diego Asphalt Recycling on May 8, 2015 during a rain event (the facility was closed/locked gate). The site perimeter controls are not adequate. Note the ponded water (approx. 1 foot deep) along the chain link fence where recycling materials are up against the fence and coming into contact with storm water. This is a violation of the Industrial Storm Water Permit. Also, the storm drain inlet protection (upstream sandbags) outside of the facility are deteriorated and broken. The storm drain inlets are unprotected and should have structural BMPs in place around the storm drain inlets themselves.
2015-02-23 Francis Baker Industrial Park
1705 E Francis Street, Ontario California 91761
There was a straw wattle across the storm drain inlet downgradient from the south entrance. However, the wattle end was pulled back from the inlet rendering it ineffective.
2015-02-23 Woodside Preserve
SE corner Bickmore Ave & Rincon Meadows, Chino California 91708
At the corner of Solitude and Meriadian the adjacent project stockpiled material on 2 lots belonging to this site. Tracking was observed at this location. In addition, in the same area the BMPs were pulled back from the storm drain inlets to paint them, rendering the BMPs ineffective.
2015-02-17 Concrete Collaborative Linda Vista
969 Linda Vista Drive, San Marcos California 92069
Drive by inspection while in the area for another. Verified that Concrete Collaborative has relocated to San Marcos. Observed tracking of process waste fines onto asphalt in parking lot and drive way easement. Full follow up inspection required after referral to the City of San Marcos for MS4 enforcement.
2015-02-12 Tippecanoe Overcrossing Phase II
1915 South Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino California 92408
The perimeter BMPs on the North side of the westbound exit ramp to Tippecanoe have not been adequately implemented. This is in violation of Order 2009-009-DWQ Attachment C.E.1.