Cr - 2015-02-23


Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2015-02-23 11:25:00 HUNWAR - Huntington Harbour at Warner Avenue 0.56 0.78 -0.504
2015-02-23 11:15:00 BBOLR - Bolsa Bay at observation pier 0.33 1.29 -0.956
2015-02-23 10:45:00 HUNCRB - Huntington Harbour in Christiana Bay 0.48 0.477 0.218
2015-02-23 10:30:00 TGDC05 - Bolsa Bay d/s E. Garden Grove Wintersburg Ch. 0.3 0.715 -1.027
2015-02-23 10:00:00 HUNBCC - Huntington Harbour d/s of Bolsa Chica Ch. 0.44 0.603 -0.892

Mass Emissions

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean

Non Storm Water

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean

Industrial Facilities

Chromium (Total)

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Triumph Processing Embee Div
2136 S Hathaway St, Santa Ana California 92705
13 0.114 0.176 2015-01-26 0.03 -0.476
12459 B Arrow Rte, Rancho Cucamonga California 91739
36 0.16 0.568 2015-01-26 0.035 -0.221
Weartech International Inc
1177 N Grove St, Anaheim California 92806
8 0.081 0.056 2015-01-26 0.047 -0.614
Brasstech Inc
2001 Carnegie Ave, Santa Ana California 92705
10 0.014 0.002 2015-01-26 0.015 0.348
Brasstech Inc
311 E Alton Ave, Santa Ana California 92707
21 0.727 3.27 2015-01-26 0.015 -0.218
Hightower Plating & Manufacturing Company
2090 N Glassell St, Orange California 92865
7 0.042 0.016 2015-03-02 0.01 -2.045
Griswold Industries
1701 to 1741 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa California 92627
2 0.035 0.012 2015-03-02 0.026 -0.707
Fontana Pipe Processing
15441 Valencia Rd, Fontana California 92335
8 0.028 0.016 2015-03-02 0.06 1.915
Tiodize Co
15701 Industry Ln, Huntington Beach California 92649
2 0.02 0 2015-03-02 0.02 0
Precision Aerospace Corporation
11155 Jersey Blvd Ste A, Rancho Cucamonga California 91730
5 0 0 2015-03-02 0 0
Quality Aluminum Forge LLC
820 N Cypress St, Orange California 92867
14 0.035 0.019 2015-02-22 0.01 -1.298
Quality Aluminum Forge LLC
810 N Lemon St, Orange California 92867
33 0.034 0.019 2015-02-22 0.01 -1.237
Advance Tech Plating Inc
1061 N Grove St, Anaheim California 92806
7 0.037 0.022 2015-01-26 0.01 -1.226
California Cascade Industries Fontana Inc
8395 Sultana Ave, Fontana California 92335
6 0.007 0.003 2015-01-26 0.007 -0.03
Ontario Kmart Distribution Ctr 8287
5600 E Airport Dr, Ontario California 91761
16 0.02 0 2015-01-26 0.02 0
Steelscape LLC
1120 Arrow Route, Rancho Cucamonga California 91730
20 0.022 0.025 2015-01-26 0.018 -0.16
Acushnet Co
2819 Loker Ave E, Carlsbad California 92010
11 0.05 0 2015-01-26 0.05 0

Chromium (VI)

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Steelscape LLC
1120 Arrow Route, Rancho Cucamonga California 91730
15 0.011 0.006 2015-01-26 0.005 -1.089

Chromium, Dissolved

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean

Chromium, Total Recoverable

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Quality Aluminum Forge LLC
820 N Cypress St, Orange California 92867
1 0.01 0 2015-02-22 0.01 0

Recent Violations

Date Facility Description
2015-03-02 San Diego Asphalt Recycling
12512 Highway 67, Lakeside California 92040
Inspection of the perimeter of San Diego Asphalt Recycling on May 8, 2015 during a rain event (the facility was closed/locked gate). The site perimeter controls are not adequate. Note the ponded water (approx. 1 foot deep) along the chain link fence where recycling materials are up against the fence and coming into contact with storm water. This is a violation of the Industrial Storm Water Permit. Also, the storm drain inlet protection (upstream sandbags) outside of the facility are deteriorated and broken. The storm drain inlets are unprotected and should have structural BMPs in place around the storm drain inlets themselves.
2015-02-23 Francis Baker Industrial Park
1705 E Francis Street, Ontario California 91761
There was a straw wattle across the storm drain inlet downgradient from the south entrance. However, the wattle end was pulled back from the inlet rendering it ineffective.
2015-02-23 Woodside Preserve
SE corner Bickmore Ave & Rincon Meadows, Chino California 91708
At the corner of Solitude and Meriadian the adjacent project stockpiled material on 2 lots belonging to this site. Tracking was observed at this location. In addition, in the same area the BMPs were pulled back from the storm drain inlets to paint them, rendering the BMPs ineffective.
2015-02-17 Concrete Collaborative Linda Vista
969 Linda Vista Drive, San Marcos California 92069
Drive by inspection while in the area for another. Verified that Concrete Collaborative has relocated to San Marcos. Observed tracking of process waste fines onto asphalt in parking lot and drive way easement. Full follow up inspection required after referral to the City of San Marcos for MS4 enforcement.
2015-02-12 Tippecanoe Overcrossing Phase II
1915 South Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino California 92408
The perimeter BMPs on the North side of the westbound exit ramp to Tippecanoe have not been adequately implemented. This is in violation of Order 2009-009-DWQ Attachment C.E.1.
2015-01-20 South Escondido
2412 & 2418 South Escondido Blvd, Escondido California 92025
Job Supt Daniel Rodriguez onsite. Work stopped at time of inspection. Light rain. Rough grading completed. Site perimeter controls missing on West side of site along Escondido Blvd. Graded soil elevation onsite is approx 2 -3 feet higher than the adjacent street elevation on West side. Some site perimeter controls (Silt fence) missing along South side. Daniel corrected the south side silt fence deficency during my inspection. The East side of the site boundary is contained by an existing tall retaining wall and the North side of the site is bounded by a slope of ice plant that is at a higher elevation along a parking lot at Canterbury Gardens. The SWPPP was onsite and BMP inspection logs complete. Site Map complete. Employee training records not found. I advised Daniel of the missing training logs and perimeter control deficiencies. Daniel said that he would correct the perimeter control deficiencies immediately and email photos when completed, and also get the employee training records completed.
2015-01-20 Mohawk and Keeney St Grading Plan
7330 Mohawk Street, La Mesa California 91942
Inspected the site based on Risk Level 2 requirements. Observed a lack of any effective soil cover or soil stabilization BMPs for disturbed soil areas that are inactive or active, to prepare for predicted storms. Sediment basin appeared to be operating effectively but not all of the site was graded toward basin. Observed evidence of sediment discharged from site to storm drain. Observed stockpile lacking adequate protection and containment. Observed construction vehicle lacking adequate BMPs to prevent oil, grease, or fuel to leak in to the ground. Observed stucco waste material around structures without BMPs to prevent discharge into underlying soil and onto surrounding areas.