Se - 2015-11-17


Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2015-11-17 09:32:00 UNBSDC - Upper Newport Bay - Unit II Basin 0.1 0.174 -1.176
2015-11-17 09:03:00 UNBJAM - Upper Newport Bay - Unit I Basin 0.14 0.196 -0.87

Mass Emissions

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean
2015-11-17 10:33:00 SADF01 - Santa Ana Delhi Channel u/s Irvine Avenue 7 7.54 -0.317
2015-11-17 10:15:00 WYLSED - San Diego Creek at Harvard Avenue 9.6 6.298 1.812
2015-11-17 09:55:00 BARSED - Peters Canyon Wash at Barranca Parkway 37 28.883 1.19
2015-11-17 09:25:00 CICF25 - Central Irvine Channel at I-5 2 1.364 0.947
2015-11-17 09:17:00 SDMF05 - San Diego Creek at Campus Drive 9.1 10.049 -0.199

Non Storm Water

Date Station Result Mean Deviations from Mean

Industrial Facilities

Selenium, Dissolved

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean

Selenium, Total

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Stines Machine Incorporated
2481 CORAL STREET, Vista California 92081
3 0.08 0.106 2015-11-03 0.041 -0.372
Gerard Roofing Technologies
955 Columbia Street, Brea California 92821
1 0 0 2015-11-05 0 0

Selenium, Total Recoverable

Facility Name Expected Most Recent
Records Mean Std Dev Date Result Deviations from Mean
Hewlett Packard
16399 W Bernardo Dr, San Diego California 92127
2 0.006 0 2015-10-05 0.006 0

Recent Violations

Date Facility Description
2015-11-24 Robertson Ranch
El Camino Real and West Ranch Street, Carlsbad California 92008
No evidence of controls implemented to establish perimeter, or to effectively manage run-on, runoff within the site, or runoff that discharges from the site.
2015-11-23 The Boulevard
2030 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego California 92104
Inspected the site from the perimeter only based on Risk Level 2 requirements. Observed inadequate perimeter controls to prevent runon to the site. Observed a lack of any effective soil cover or soil stabilization BMPs for disturbed soil areas, required for inactive areas and active areas, especially prior to a predicted qualifying storm event for a Risk Level 2 site. Sediment basin appeared to be operating effectively but not all of the site was graded toward basin. Observed evidence of sediment discharged from site to unprotected storm drain inlet originating from runon to in addition to runoff from the site that flowed from or around unstabilized soil berm and waste material stockpile. Waste stockpile lacked adequate protection and containment.
2015-11-13 Bazz Houston Co
12700 Western Ave, Garden Grove California 92841
Employee observed washing a private unmarked vehicle; reported to be a company car. Discharge observed to enter gutter to the street but had not left the site.
2015-10-12 Playa Del Sol
Del Sol Boulevard and Ocean View Hills Parkway, San Diego California 92154
Erosion control BMPs, sediment control BMPs, and perimeter control BMPs are either absent or deficient. There is lack of BMPs to prevent tracking of sediment off site, as well as a lack of BMPs to prevent the transport of sediment offsite by storm water flows. Chris Nichols notified via SEL Email on 01/06/2016 that these deficiencies are violations of the terms and conditions of Pardee Homes enrollment under the Statewide Construction Storm Water Permit, and are subject to enforcement action including monetary penalties. Requested via email that they take immediate corrective actions, as we are in the midst of persistent storms.